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Ningbo SendSun Articles Technology Co., LTD. is China Fine Mist Sprayers Manufacturers and ODM/OEM Fine Mist Sprayers Factory, belongs to Yuyao Zhongjie, is a professional engaged in the development, production and sales of fine mist sprayer, lotion pump, trigger sprayer, cover, pet bottles and other daily chemical products packaging enterprises. Founded in 2012, the company covers an area of more than 9000 square meters, with dust-free assembly workshop and independent research and development center, more than 100 employees, more than 30 sets of injection molding machines, more than 40 automatic assembly and testing lines, so that the product quality and production efficiency are guaranteed. We supply Fine Mist Sprayers Wholesale and products are exported to the United States, Britain, Japan and other more than 150 countries and regions, well received by customers! Sincerely welcome customers at home and abroad to inquire and guide the purchase, and hope that we can establish sincere, good faith, pleasant, long-term cooperation!

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How does a fine mist sprayer ensure efficient liquid distribution?


A fine mist sprayer ensures efficient liquid distribution through several key mechanisms:Atomization: Fine mist sprayers are designed to atomize liquid into tiny droplets...

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Can a lotion pump protect products from oxidation?


Lotion pumps can protect merchandise from oxidation in lots of approaches. The lotion pump typically has a good cover and a strong sealing cavity, that can prevent oxygen...

Will using a lotion pump help reduce product waste?


Yes, the usage of an lotion pump can assist reduce product waste. Lotion pump is a tool that could accurately control the amount of use, correctly keeping off situations ...

Can pollution be reduced by using a lotion pump?


Lotion pump is a common packaging form, which is usually used for packaging cosmetics, skin care products and other liquid products. The design and use of lotion pumps ma...

Can a lotion pump dispense liquid products accurately?


Lotion pump is a kind of liquid distribution tool that makes use of the working precept of one-manner plunger and air stress balance to form terrible strain or nice strai...

What materials are lotion pumps usually made of?


Lotion pumps are usually fabricated from a chain of chemical resistant and corrosion resistant substances to ensure solid and reliable overall performance when contacting...

What is the function of the dip tube in the lotion pump?


The dip tube inside the lotion pump is a key issue of the lotion pump, which specifically absorbs liquid from the liquid garage tank to the pump mechanism. The most impor...

Does the lotion pump have a closing device?


Lotion pump is a normally used liquid transmission tool, that is usually composed of pump frame, suction pipe, stress pipe, piston and pump cowl. The most important chara...

Industry Knowledge Development
A fine mist sprayer is a type of spray dispenser that produces a fine mist of liquid when activated. It is commonly used for a variety of applications, such as applying water or other liquids to plants, dispensing perfumes or other cosmetic products, and delivering medication through nasal sprays.

Fine mist sprayers typically consist of a bottle or container that holds the liquid, a spray head that creates the mist, and a dip tube that extends into the liquid and allows it to be drawn up into the spray head. The spray head usually has a nozzle with a small opening that atomizes the liquid into tiny droplets when the user presses down on the pump.

Fine mist sprayers come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and materials, and can be made from plastic, glass, or metal. They may also have different spray patterns, such as a cone-shaped or fan-shaped spray, depending on the intended use.

Fine mist sprayers come in different specifications and styles, but some of the most common ones include:
1.Neck size: Fine mist sprayers are available in various neck sizes, including 18/410, 20/410, 24/410, and 28/410. The neck size refers to the diameter of the bottle opening that the sprayer fits onto.
2.Dip tube length: The dip tube is the plastic tube that extends from the sprayer's head into the bottle and draws the liquid up into the sprayer. The dip tube length should be matched to the height of the bottle you are using.
3.Spray pattern: Fine mist sprayers can produce different spray patterns, including a fine mist, a direct stream, or a wide-angle mist.
4.Material: Fine mist sprayers can be made of different materials, including plastic and metal. Plastic sprayers are lightweight, affordable, and available in different colors. Metal sprayers are more durable and suitable for use with essential oils and other corrosive liquids.
5.Style: Fine mist sprayers come in various styles, including a finger sprayer, a trigger sprayer, and a pump sprayer. The finger sprayer is the most common type of fine mist sprayer and is suitable for use with small bottles. The trigger sprayer is suitable for use with larger bottles and provides a more even spray. The pump sprayer is used for products that require a larger output and is commonly used in the hair and beauty industry.
6.Closure type: The closure type refers to how the sprayer is attached to the bottle. Some of the common types include screw-on, snap-on, and crimp-on. The type of closure used depends on the bottle's neck size and material.

Fine mist sprayers have several advantages:
1.Efficient use of product: Fine mist sprayers are designed to disperse product in a fine mist, which means that you can cover a larger area with less product. This makes it a cost-effective option for product application.
2.Easy application: Fine mist sprayers are easy to use and require minimal effort. They are ideal for individuals who have difficulty with manual application of products or for those who want to cover large areas quickly.
3.Uniform coverage: Fine mist sprayers provide uniform coverage, ensuring that every part of the surface is coated evenly. This is especially important when applying products like insecticides, which require even coverage to be effective.
4.Reduced mess: Fine mist sprayers reduce the mess associated with traditional application methods like pouring or using a brush. They also reduce the likelihood of overspray or spills.
5.Versatility: Fine mist sprayers can be used for a variety of products, including cleaning solutions, hair care products, and skincare products. They can also be used for DIY projects and for gardening.
6.Portability: Fine mist sprayers are portable and can be taken anywhere. This makes them ideal for travel, outdoor activities, and on-the-go use.

Overall, fine mist sprayers are a convenient and efficient way to dispense liquids in a controlled manner, and are used in many different industries and settings.

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