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Ningbo SendSun Articles Technology Co., LTD. is China Lotion Pumps Manufacturers and ODM/OEM Lotion Pumps Factory, belongs to Yuyao Zhongjie, is a professional engaged in the development, production and sales of fine mist sprayer, lotion pump, trigger sprayer, cover, pet bottles and other daily chemical products packaging enterprises. Founded in 2012, the company covers an area of more than 9000 square meters, with dust-free assembly workshop and independent research and development center, more than 100 employees, more than 30 sets of injection molding machines, more than 40 automatic assembly and testing lines, so that the product quality and production efficiency are guaranteed. We supply Lotion Pumps Wholesale and products are exported to the United States, Britain, Japan and other more than 150 countries and regions, well received by customers! Sincerely welcome customers at home and abroad to inquire and guide the purchase, and hope that we can establish sincere, good faith, pleasant, long-term cooperation!

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Industry Knowledge Development
A lotion pump is a type of dispenser that is used to dispense lotion or other liquids such as soap, shampoo, or conditioner. It consists of a plastic or metal pump mechanism that is attached to a container of lotion or other liquid. When the pump is depressed, it creates a vacuum that draws the lotion up through a tube and out of the dispenser nozzle.

Lotion pumps are commonly used in the cosmetic industry for packaging lotions, moisturizers, and other skincare products. They are also used in the household and personal care industries for packaging products such as liquid soaps, shampoos, and conditioners.

One of the advantages of using a lotion pump is that it helps to prevent spills and waste by dispensing a controlled amount of product each time. Lotion pumps are also easy to use and can be operated with one hand, which makes them convenient for use in the shower or bath.

The characteristics of lotion pumps can vary depending on the specific design and intended use, but some common features include:
1.Dispensing mechanism: Lotion pumps typically use a piston and cylinder system to draw product up through a tube and dispense it out through a nozzle. This allows for controlled and precise dispensing of the product.
2.Closure: Lotion pumps often come with a screw-on closure that can be easily removed for refilling. Some may also include a locking mechanism to prevent accidental spills or leaks.
3.Dip tube: A long, thin tube extends from the pump mechanism down into the product container, allowing for complete evacuation of the product. The length of the dip tube can be customized to fit specific bottle sizes and shapes.
4.Output: Lotion pumps can dispense varying amounts of product with each pump, depending on the size of the piston and the nozzle opening. This allows for customization of the dosage and ensures consistent product delivery.
5.Materials: Lotion pumps are typically made from plastic or metal, and can be designed to be compatible with a variety of product formulations and viscosities.

Lotion pumps can be classified based on different criteria, including:
1.Closure Size: Lotion pumps come in different closure sizes, typically ranging from 18/410 to 28/410. The closure size is the measurement of the diameter of the bottle neck, and it determines the size of the lotion pump that will fit the bottle.
2.Output: Lotion pumps can be classified based on their output, which is the amount of lotion dispensed with each pump. Common output sizes include 1.0 ml, 1.2 ml, 1.5 ml, and 2.0 ml.
3.Dip Tube Length: The dip tube is the plastic tube that extends from the bottom of the pump and reaches the bottom of the bottle. The length of the dip tube can vary depending on the height of the bottle. Common dip tube lengths include 89 mm, 120 mm, and 175 mm.
4.Locking Mechanism: Some lotion pumps come with a locking mechanism to prevent accidental dispensing during transport. There are various types of locking mechanisms, including twist-lock, snap-lock, and clip-lock.
5.Material: Lotion pumps can be made from different materials, including plastic, metal, and glass. The choice of material depends on the type of product being dispensed and the aesthetic preference of the user.
6.Design: Lotion pumps can also be classified based on their design, which includes the shape, color, and style of the pump. Some common designs include smooth, ribbed, and diamond cut.
Overall, there are many different classifications of lotion pumps, and the choice of pump will depend on the specific needs and preferences of the user.

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